Stories by rosewater 49

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Veggies - an Unadorned Dialog

W: Waiter
C: Customer
M: Manager

W: Welcome to Rich’s, May I take your order?

C: I’m a vegetarian and I watch what I eat. Are your chickens free-range?

W: Free range, ma’am? Do you mean do they run around unfenced?

C: No, it means they are not caged, they run around in a fenced enclosure, I am sure.

W: You mean before they are killed and plucked?

C: Of course, I know they are killed! Are you being impertinent?

W: No, ma’am, I just never heard of the term. But I can ask.

C: Well if you don’t know, then they probably aren’t.

W: Well then, we do serve venison which is harvested by local hunters.

C: Oh No! That would not do at all; I don’t eat animals!

W: What do you call chickens, ma’am?